Our Purpose

To make the world available to everyone.

Companies of our generation have done a great job of providing convenience and a great customer experience. For travel in particular, AirBnb has done so for lodging. Uber and Lyft for transportation.

What about flying? The airline industry has always tried to keep consumers at arm's length. Never lending itself to inclusiveness. That changes now with our travel concierge service. Our goal is to make seeing the world possible for those who up until now have only dreamed it.

We look forward to seeing all of you around the world.


Meet the Founder

Thanks for taking this journey with us at PlaneAhead! I am a passionate traveler (about 30 countries!) and an even more passionate husband and father of 2 beautiful girls!

Since graduating college, I have worked for incredible companies that are changing the world as we know it. Amazon and Plume, a WiFi driven tech unicorn. I've always wanted to turn those experiences into a company that I think will change the world, and thus, PlaneAhead is born.

Though we think this is an idea that will change the airline industry from this point forward, at our foundation we know one thing. Companies aren't built by their ideas, they're built by their customers. The community of which they serve. We look forward to earning your trust, working hard on your behalf, and being travel advocates for you. That's the only way this will be a travel revolution. I can't wait to see you around the world.

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