Risk-Free Membership

Let us show you what we can do at no risk.

Our subscription is $99/year, so for the first year, if we don't save you at least $99, we'll refund you the difference on next year's membership fee!*


Membership Facts & Features



The family membership is $99/year and will automatically renew unless canceled. If you would like to add an additional member to the account it is $50/year.

Automated Algorithm 

Our system runs your purchased itinerary on a daily basis, ensuring that the price you get by the time you travel is the best price that ticket has been.


Household Membership

The membership is made for the whole family (or friend crew!). 2 adults (18+) and 2 minors are automatically included.

Concierge Service

We don't send you an email to hurry and change. We will see the price drop and we will make the change for you. We'll text you and let you know how much you've saved!

*The above guarantee will be honored as long as 4 one-way tickets have been booked and used through our PlaneAhead system and you have not accumulated $99 in savings for the entirety of your household account.


Sharon - Hilton Head, SC

"My husband and I bought tickets on United to go Milan later this year at $878 per ticket. 3 months later the same ticket is down to $576! As soon as my travels start to ramp up, using PlaneAhead is going to be an endless cycle of credits I can use to pay for my next trips! I'm very excited!"


Sandra - Chicago, IL

"I booked Southwest tickets for my daughter's wedding in San Diego which were $230 per person. 4 months after I booked, the same flight went down to $98! PlaneAhead was able to switch my tickets and I'm using that $132 credit for my next trip! Couldn't be happier and the best part is, I didn't have to do anything. Membership paid for itself in one booking!"

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.23.10 PM.png

Alec - Grand Rapids, MI

"This is so cool. When I signed up I had one Southwest ticket booked and within 4 days of sign up my ticket was changed twice and I got 22% the cost of the ticket BACK in credits. This is the most incredible idea ever."