Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my $99 membership fee?

Your membership fee gives you the ability to use our itinerary tracking software as many times as you travel throughout the year. Much like an Amazon Prime membership, you can travel once a year or one million times a year you'll get this benefit with no additional cost at any time. 

How many people can be a part of my membership?

Your $99 covers 4 people, 2 adults (18+) and 2 minors. Each additional member added will cost $50 for the year.

Do the people on my membership have to be family?

Nope! If you have non-marital partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend that you always travel with, throw them on! Just know that additional members can only be changed once a year, so if you break up with a partner in the middle of your year, you can remove them, but you cannot then add someone else until your renewal date.

Why would I use PlaneAhead instead of getting my tickets from, Expedia, Travelocity, or any other discount ticket site?

Great question! Though it has always been important, 2020 reiterated how important flexibility is as far as plans. There are 2 main reasons why you'd want to use us. The first is, airlines put restrictions on tickets purchased through those 3rd party sites. If you needed to change the ticket, you'd be subject to the third party change or cancellation rules which could include fees. Secondly, the prices you see on those sites are negotiated in advance. That's how you can book on those sites so far in advance. That rate is a guess by the company about what 8-12 months from then will look like. These days, there is just no way to predict out that long, so you could very well be stuck paying a lot more. If you can imagine someone that bought a ticket 8 months before we knew anything about COVID and someone that bought a ticket during COVID when airlines were basically giving seats away. Our system isn't a guess for 8 months from now. It's the price every day.

What airlines does this work for?

Though we are not legally able to specify, the majority of US carriers that no longer have change fees apply.

On a previous page, you mention United and JetBlue have a different policy that makes this less customer friendly. What is that policy?

Unlike other carriers that will allow a direct change of the current flight and return credit immediately, United and JetBlue make it so that you must fully cancel your flight, they will issue a future flight credit for the full amount and then you will need to fully buy the new, cheaper ticket. For example, if the original flight was $250 and today it is $200, we would need to cancel the flight. You would receive a future flight credit for the full amount and then we would need to purchase the $200 flight (which is the same as the original). This will mean you will have paid $450 in total, but you would have $250 of that in credit on your account and you would've saved $50 on the flight. Not pretty, but that's how those two airlines work at the moment. Hopefully with our success we can force their hand a bit ☺️

How do I cancel my membership?

We don't want to see you go, but if you do, send an email to and we'll get you taken care of. Remember, there is a first year guarantee, so give us at least that to win you over ☺️